Colour Sorting: Eggs and Cups

Aren’t these beautiful? Sarah (20 months) doesn’t have too many toys but I saw these eggs on Etsy and they were just too beautiful to resist. They are hand made and hand dyed. Gorgeous.

We have had them for a few months now. I first put just one egg and cup out; the red one. When we played with them I would say to her, ‘This is a red egg. This is a red cup. The red egg is in the red cup.’ 

Then I introduced a second colour, green, and again would say something like, ‘This is the red egg. The red egg is in the red cup.’ ‘This is the green egg. The green egg is in the green cup.’

Once she had mastered two colours I introduced the others. I think from this utterly adorable video, you can see that she has got it. I love how she thinks twice about where to put the green one.

Time for a bit more of challenge I think. I have a bunch of tiny coloured cube blocks. On the weekend I think I’ll head back down to the hardware store and get some matching colour swatches; might introduce blue and purple next.

4 thoughts on “Colour Sorting: Eggs and Cups

  1. Those eggs are beautiful! She is just so sweet with her concentration too! We have some little coloured cube blocks and the girls love matching them to some coloured paper i contacted to our table….they go and get the basket themselves now and name the colours as they amtch…too cute!

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