DIY: Nature Baubles

Thanks for pinning. Nature Baubles from An Everyday StoryPhew. I feel like I am slowly returning to the land of the living. I have been so horribly sick for nearly a week. You know the kind of sick where you just curl up in a ball and hope for it all to go away soon?

Well it did pass and I woke up this morning feeling bright and fresh. The kids and I have spent the morning outside getting the yard ready for our Christmas barbecue; yep, it’s good to feel well again.

DIY Nature Ornaments [An Everyday Story]Last week Jack (3.5yrs) made these little baubles. He was ever so proud of himself. He is so smitten with our christmas tree (I am convinced he would sleep underneath it if we let him). When he finished he ever so carefully considered where each bauble should go and then gently hung them on the tree.

This was such a nice thing to do together, very calm and quiet. And now we have something Jack made, which is truly beautiful, hanging on our tree.

DIY Nature Christmas Baubles [An Everyday Story]Each decoration on our tree (well most of them anyway) is very special to me, it has a story. Whether it was a gift from a family member, or from a trip overseas, or something to remember a special occasion, each one is special. And so I like now that Jack is adding to the tree as well.

DIY Nature Baubles from An Everyday StoryNature inspired christmas ornaments DIY [An Everyday Story]These baubles are glass, and so it was with very careful hands that Jack filled each bauble. We used tiny treasures to fill the baubles; pine needles, dried native flowers, tiny gum nuts, feathers and eucalyptus leaves.

Some he filled a lot, some not so much, each with a different combination of treasures. Lovely.

8 thoughts on “DIY: Nature Baubles

  1. Those are beautiful! I made some a few years ago filled with milkweed seeds (like you, I like ornaments that mean something, and these were a reminder of Michigan summers filled with milkweed). My Lucy (almost 4) was admiring them, but it never occurred to me to have her make some! I can see us raiding the chicken coop for some gorgeous feathers. Thanks for the idea.

  2. What a beautiful idea.
    A question slightly off topic, but am wondering where you purchased your tie rack nature table displays… thanks.

    • The tie drawer was actually being given away by a friend. It was a very lucky find. You could try a wardrobe shelving store, I’m not sure what they are called but you know the people who fit out wardrobes?… or maybe IKEA might have something similar. You could also try getting an old drawer from a charity store and fitting some wooden dividers in yourself… a little project for you 😀

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