Setting up your home: Kitchen


Jack  and Sarah love helping out in the kitchen although sometimes it can become a little stressful. In order to have things more harmonious I have found that if I think about each step that is involved in a task and then think about how I could simply explain that to them, things flow a little more smoothly. I might give them one step of a task or all steps depending on the difficulty and how well they have mastered previous tasks. Here’s a list of questions you can ask yourself when you are setting up a child-friendly kitchen which encourages harmonious independence and mastery of skills.

A quick note, online Montessori stores do of course sell wonderful child-sized utensils and crockery but I have found most of ours at either the supermarket or a discount kitchen store for a fraction of the cost. At the bottom of this list I have some links to some of our utensils.

  • What specific tasks do I want my child to be able to do in the kitchen?
  • What tasks has my child shown an interest in doing for themselves? For example, pouring a drink or choosing a snack
  • Is there a cupboard or space in the kitchen which is readily accessible to my child?
  • Does this space contain child-sized utensils?
  • Are the utensils neatly organised to allow for easy access?
  • Do they have access to child-sized plates, bowls and cutlery?
  • Have I shown them how to make a snack? Do they have access to all items needed to make this snack?
  • Do they have safe access (stool or Learning Tower) to the bench or a low table for preparing snacks?
  • Have I shown them how to open the fridge carefully?
  • Do they have a fridge shelf with snacks and drinks easily available?
  • Is the fruit washed and chopped (if needed)?
  • Is there access to water?
  • Is the water container easy for them to carry? Sometimes it is easier to fill a container half full so it is not too heavy and easy to pour.
  • Have I shown them how to pour?
  • Are they interested in learning to set the table? Have I shown them how to do this?
  • When cooking or baking, what simple steps could my child be involved in? Stirring, washing vegetables, peeling vegetables, pouring ingredients etc.
  • Has my child shown an interest in helping to clean up? Do they have access to cloths and sponges for cleaning?
 Here are a couple of our favourite utensils and materials for the kitchen:
Montessori practical life activities for toddlers - preparing meals - An Everyday Story montessori practical life activities for preschoolers in the kitchen cutting using a crinkle cutterMontessori Practical Life - Cooking with Children
montessori learning tower toddler 14 months in the kitchen  
Learning Tower                  Kids’ cookbook

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