Perfect Pairs: A simple handmade matching game

DIY matching activity for toddlers - An Everyday StoryThese beautiful little squares were given to Sarah (22mths) for Christmas. They are such a simple and thoughtful gift, perfect for Sarah.

They are a set of 12 matching pairs. Each square measures 10cm x 10 cm (approx. 4″x4″). Wouldn’t they be the perfect way to use up all those scrap pieces of fabric we have around the place?

DIY matching activity for toddlers - Perfect Pairs from An Everyday StoryTo start with, Sarah really liked simply playing with the squares, looking at them all, moving them from one pile to another. Then, like with the wooden eggs, I introduced matching, by giving her one pair to match, then two pairs, three.. and finally all twelve pairs.

At this stage I still need to lay out one set on the carpet for her and Sarah will match the others from a pile next to her. In time though she will be able to do this herself.

Perfect Pairs matching activity for toddlers - An Everyday Story Matching activity for toddlers - An Everyday StoryI also really like that each square has the same backing fabric so the game can be extended to a memory game for Jack (3.75yrs). We started with two pairs and now play with three. It’s incredible for Jack’s concentration and he really enjoys the challenge of finding a matching pair.

I imagine these little squares would be crazy simple to make, just cut and stitch. And how beautiful are they in their little carry bag? We love them.

13 thoughts on “Perfect Pairs: A simple handmade matching game

  1. Oh what a thoughtful gift!
    And such a beautiful idea.
    Hand made for our kids really is priceless.
    I imagine these were created & received with such love and are of course being used with the same. ♥

  2. These are gorgeous! I’ve had something like this in mind to make for a while now. I think I’m going to sew on a letter as well – maybe lower and upper case ones? hmmm…

  3. What a simply wonderful gift…i really like the idea of the backing being the same pattern so you can extend the activity…i am all inspired to make some now!!

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