Reggio activities with mirrors and loose parts - An Everyday Story reggio emilia painting using mirrors outdoors {An Everyday Story} reggio emilia at home using blocks and mirrors Reggio activities for toddlers using mirrors and buttons 2

We have a range of mirrors which I use in provocations for Jack and Sarah. You can read more about using mirrors in this post: Mirrors & Buttons – Mirrors in a Reggio-inspired Home

Small world play scene using natural materials from An Everyday Story Reggio small world play scene using natural materials from An Everyday Story

You can use mirrors as a work surface with loose parts for pattern and design work, or as a surface for painting and other sensory explorations like clay, shaving cream, sand or salt.

Nature table - using a mirrorMirrors also provide light and open up a space when used as a background like here in our nature corner, or with a light panel.

Reggio Emilia Project: Investigating Autumn Fall Leaves on the Light PanelWater beads on the Light Panel

Mirrors also make wonderful tools for exploration, like these self portraits.self portraits - An Everyday Story


So here are the mirrors we have:

A4 Acrylic 

  • We have these ones from Educational Experience (Australian stockist) (Although I bought them on sale as a pack of 10). These mirrors are flexible which means the image can be somewhat distorted. We use them for art activities as well as with the light panel
  • You can also try these ones from Amazon – the price is definitely better

10cmx10cm Square Acrylic

  • These mirrors are from ZartArt (Australian Stockist – product #TQ002) I really like these mirrors. They are a hard plastic. You can see them here with some of the explorations I put together for Sarah.

110cmx35cm Glass

  • We have two of these mirrors. One we use in the block area and the other for painting/art activities outside. I bought these mirrors from K-mart. They are Home brand and while I don’t remember the price, they weren’t expensive.

45cmx30cm Glass

  • We have two of these mirrors. One is with our nature table and the other is in Jack’s room at his writing desk. I bought both of these mirrors from K-mart. Again, Home brand and inexpensive.

Small Round Shaving (glass)

  • We have two of these mirrors and use them for self portraits and other discovery-type activities. I bought them from Woolworths for less than $5 each. I like these mirrors because they have a stand which can also be flattened. 

Handheld Wooden Shaving (glass)

  • We have two of these. I bought them from Provincial Home Living for less than $5 each. We have a store locally. Thankfully it is on the other side of town. I love that store too much to have it closer. 

1.5cmx1.5cm Mosaic Glass

  • These came in a bag of about 100 from Bunnings. They were in the craft aisle near the paint and cost less than $7. I bought the smallest size but there were two other larger sizes too. We use these as loose parts as well as pattern work. These tiles do chip though and so I don’t keep them out with the other materials.  


Do your children like playing with mirrors?

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