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  1. hi there kate. iam very impressed with the ideas that you have and work that the children do. i was wondering if you have any suggestions of how to be an artilier in a reggio emilia centre, i recently applied for a job but unfortunately was turn down as didn’t know enoth of the reggio approach.i have qualifications in art and design, and spatial design too; and Iam in my second year of training for my ece teacher; iam going on my practicum soon away from my centre , hopefully will go to reggio centre. so if you could help me to guide me in the right direction for me to become and artilier as this would be my dream job to teach children art.
    i hope that you can help me ,
    many regards, Sally -Anne Davis.

    • Hi Sally-Anne. Lovely to meet you. My suggestion would be to read as widely as you can. I have a list of books on my Reggio-inspired Books page which I have found very useful. That and seeing the children and the atelier in action has what has helped me the most to understand the purpose of the atelier. I think it really starts with our image of the child, how we see them and so therefore what kinds of experiences we offer them. Good luck. I really hope you get your Reggio placement and if not, maybe see if they would be interested in having you volunteer some time there.

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