This Week…21/52

This week…

This week I saw the first cheeky tree turn its leaves red. Summer is behind us now as the winds turn a little colder, the kids sleep in a little longer and I’m feeling the urge to start cooking wonderfully warming soup again.

painting with spoons - An Everyday Story glue paint collage - An Everyday Story learning shapes circle painting - An Everyday Story Messy painting - An Everyday Story playing with coloured salt on the light panel - An Everyday Story coloured salt on the light panel - An Everyday Story activities for toddlers - magnets - An Everyday Story nature table - An Everyday Story reggio art provocations with nature - An Everyday Story nature discovery tray - An Everyday Story working with mirrors - An Everyday Story rainbow - An Everyday Story

A snapshot of our week, our everyday story


If you feel inspired to share a moment from your week please leave a comment with your link below or pop over to Instragram and use the hashtag #p52thisweek. I’m kate_aneverydaystory. Hope to see you there.

Project 52 This Week from An Everyday Story

8 thoughts on “This Week…21/52

  1. What a lovely creative week Kate! The addition of your rose is just perfect….i was wondering what to do with mine…now i know! Gorgeous pics and snapshot as always x

  2. Ah yes, I recognise that kind of painting – right up to the elbows!! Gorgeous picture of Sarah in the mirror, and I am sooo impressed you manage to go jogging – my exercise days have long gone, I have neither the time nor the energy! I love Jack’s drawing of the amethyst too, he’s really captured those sharp corners 🙂

    Can I ask – do you have a cover on your light panel? We had one for Christmas but haven’t used it yet as I’m waiting to get a table to put it on (I want to introduce it properly…!), but wondered if it might be a good plan to stop it getting scratched/wet/gooey etc!

    Here’s our week:

    • Right up to the elbows indeed 🙂
      Well with the jogging, it was my first endeavour in a VERY long time. But the clothes are getting too tight and I don’t want to buy new clothes so jog I must 🙂 I bought a double bike/jogging trailer and pile the kids in then off we go. It’s slow but good.

      Yes we have a perspex cover over the light panel. I would absolutely recommend one. Ours has scratches all over it now which would be on the light panel had it not been there. That and it keeps any gooey stuff away from the electrical cord.

  3. Hi Kate, really love reading your post. And I really love to see Jack and Sarah so much in love with painting. I don’t know how to start with my 19 months old son in this. When he was a baby at 7 months old, we tried finger paint and he was enjoying. When he was grown up and walking around, I seldom introduced painting to him and now that we have moved in to our new house, I start to prepare some painting session with him. However, he is so afraid with the paint on his hand. He doesn’t like it and cries for wash up. Sigh. What’s wrong? Can you advice me how to foster his love to art and craft just like Jack and Sarah?

    • Can I make a suggestion, Ashley? You could do the painting activity yourself, so he sees you getting messy – don’t put any pressure on to join in, just show him you’re enjoying it and that there’s nothing to be worried about, and you may find he just joins in of his own accord. Might take a couple of tries! Sorry to butt in!

    • Hi Ashley, firstly I have to say there is most probably absolutely nothing wrong 🙂 Eleanor has a good suggestion, I think if your son sees you enjoying painting then he may be more interested in having a go. For Jack and Sarah it is always how the activity is set up – is it appealing to them? Does it draw them in? What types of things does your son like? You might be able to incorporate these into an art session. If he doesn’t like the feel of paint on his hands, you might like to try another art medium for him to explore. How does he feel about clay or playdough? Or maybe collage or drawing? I think what is important is that we remember, all children are creative, all we have to do is find what appeals to them and give them opportunities to create freely and regularly. If he doesn’t like paint, maybe he would like exploring with different brushes or maybe he would like drawing on different surfaces.

      • Thanks for Kate and Eleanor kind suggestion. I will try other method to spark his interest at art! Today at least he asked me to bring him down the brushes and the watercolor. And he just painted some lines on a big blank paper. It might need times for him to try. I will keep it up. Thanks again.

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