Preschool Homeschool

Preschool homeschool - An Everyday StoryI’ve been reading a lot lately, reading and thinking a lot. Thinking about this whole homeschooling thing, what it looks like, how it is unfolding.

So many things I have learnt from my own experiences of teaching are influencing my approach. Funnily though, I think just as many experiences are causing me to de-school in a way, untrain myself, change my impression of learning and education; what it is, what it looks like, how it happens.

Learning to Measure - Recording numbers - An Everyday StoryI have put my thoughts together on a new page you’ll see up the top: Homeschool. In it I have some of the theorists who have influenced me, like Howard Gardner and John Holt as well as the more practical, what we get up to during the day.

This will be an evolving page as our homeschooling days turn into weeks and weeks into years; growing and learning all the time.

I hope you enjoy.


9 thoughts on “Preschool Homeschool

  1. Helpful page, I like having all the info together. Question: I have a 4 year old and 7 month old and have a pretty good daily rhythm down, but the one thing I have trouble with is working in appointments, errands and play dates. How do you deal with those/where do they fit into the daily/weekly rhythm?

  2. Yay! Thank you for writing about this topic! I am a SAHM, but taught children with autism for 10 years, before taking this break.
    I just recently decided to homeschool pre-school, next year (I have 2.5 year-old twins). So, I am starting to record some ideas, and doing a lot of reading, in preparation.
    This will be helpful 🙂

    • I hope you like Holt. His thoughts on natural learning really resonate with me. I hope that our homeschooling evolves into something similar where the children will be able to pursue their own interests and learn from having real connections with our community and with nature.

      How old are your children?

      • My daughter is 18 months old. I know that actual “homeschooling” (or “unschooling”) won’t begin for some time, but I’ve been finding so many ways to integrate some Montessori and Waldorf (and I’m looking into Reggio) into our lifestyle. Homeschooling for us will probably just end up slowly developing over the next few years.

        • That is pretty much what happened with us to; a nice slow natural rhythm. Once we had made the decision to homeschool, we became more aware of the natural learning that was occurring all the time and so we just started to be a little bit more deliberate here and there. I really like how it is unfolding so far.

    • Hi Megan 🙂
      I actually bought those glass stones many years ago when I was living in Japan. They are part of a traditional Japanese New Year’s game. I have seen similar stones (although not as transparent) at garden nurseries. That might be a good place to start looking.

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