Sarah and the Learning Tower

Lately Sarah has become quite clingy and a little cranky just around the time that I want to start making dinner. She wants to be in the kitchen, attached to my leg and no matter what Daddy does, that’s where she wants to be, which makes preparing dinner just a little bit stressful. We tried keeping her out of the kitchen but this just seemed to make her want to be there even more. So a new strategy was needed; enter the Learning Tower.

Sarah’s been in the Learning Tower before but I have been reluctant to leave her there because I feared that she could easily topple out the side. However, it’s just one of those things where you have to let go a bit I think. When I watched her I noticed that she is actually quite stable in there. She moves comfortably and corrects her balance effortlessly. This made me feel more confident that Sarah could be in the tower while I worked in the kitchen.

Well this has made such a difference. Sarah can now be with me in the kitchen but she’s not at my feet. Tonight she played happily with her coin box (which I shamelessly copied from Otis’s) while I prepared dinner. No fussing, no clinging, just one little girl happy to be with her Mama.

5 thoughts on “Sarah and the Learning Tower

  1. Is this little cherub adorable, or what? I’ve noticed that a lot of Montessori activities are VERY similar to TEACCH work tasks for people with autism. That’s one reason I think Montessori works so well for Betty Boop!

    • Thank you. She is pretty wonderful 😀
      Maria Montessori spent a lot of time observing and working with children with special needs and I think this really shows in a lot of the materials and activities she developed. My son as you may know has Cerebral Palsy and I too find Montessori activities very beneficial for him and his treatment. The activities tend to focus on a specific skill and there is always a control of error. We use a lot of Montessori activities for his occupational therapy.

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