A New Cutter for Jack

What kind of cutter does your little person use? I had been on the look out for a while now for a cutter for Jack. I was still deciding between a knife; child-sized kitchen utensils are quite popular here so there is plenty of choice, and a crinkle cutter. I decided to start with the crinkle cutter and then introduce a knife as Jack’s skills improve.

I had only seen crinkle cutters with a handle on top which required the child to push down in order to cut. Then I stumbled across this one at our local House kitchen store. It was perfect. A small handle, short blade and best of all, simulated the same cutting motion that a knife would. Jack could learn how to use knife, where to put his hands, whilst in no danger of cutting himself should his hand slip.

While I was there I also picked up a couple of these cheese palette knives, I thought they would work well as a first spreader. It works brilliantly. Jack was having a lot of difficulty spreading with a typical bread knife. With the cheese knife, he is now able to make his sandwiches and snacks easily and independently. He loves it!

So two surprise finds, two wonderful additions to Jack’s utensils. And at $4.95 for the cutter and $2.95 for the spreader, you can’t argue with that!

I love a surprise find, especially something that you are not quite sure about that turns out to be just perfect.

4 thoughts on “A New Cutter for Jack

    • Yeah I wasn’t sure about it at first, you know how it is, you get an idea in your mind of what you are looking for and sometimes it is difficult to see other things that could work just as well or better in this case. It’s such a great little utensil to have in the house.

  1. Our first cutters have been small ‘dip’ spreading knives. The ones we use have a nice bulby shape for gripping little hands around.
    I like the crinkle cutter. What would they usually be used for I wonder?

    • The dip knife is a nice idea, good size, perfect for little hands. The crinkle cutter is great. My mum used to have one when we were little and would make crinkle-cut chips. She’d fry them up in a big pot…mmm delicious. I think it is quite an old fashioned thing to do, it took me ages to find a crinkle cutter so they mustn’t be too popular anymore. I can imagine how long it took to chop one potato into chips with crinkles on each side…ages! Who could be bothered really? 😀

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