A New Art Experience: Gooey Glitter Paint

This was a new experience for Jack. My friend Jess (she writes a lovely blog called Little Cricket) put me on to it. She brought it as an activity to our Reggio-inspired playgroup. It’s non-toxic wallpaper paste and food colouring.

Although Jess’ looked a little different to ours, I think I may have added a little too much powder to the water when I was making the paste. Instead of nice flowing paint we ended up with this gel-like substance. Not to worry though.

My kids like to blend all the paint together. So I like to help them choose two colours which go well together and then make up a few different shades in each colour. This way when they blend the colours the result is still aesthetically pleasing rather than a big brown blah. Today was two different shades of green and blue.

And I finally delved into the world of glitter (thank you Anna) to make up these wonderfully gooey glitter paints.

A little bit of painting but mostly exploring. This is what usually happens when Jack experiences a new paint or art medium. He squeezes it between his fingers, rubs it on his hands, all the while finding out what this paint does; how it moves.

This type of experience is what I like most about open-ended Reggio-inspired art. The time and space to explore without expectation to create.

I have to say, I almost didn’t post this activity. You should have seen the state of Jack’s clothes after he had finished! I thought for sure it wasn’t going to wash out. Not that it mattered,  he was wearing old clothes (we don’t have smocks) but I didn’t want you guys trying it and having stained clothes. But amazingly it washed straight out, no stains, nothing. So give it a go.

A happy accident of too much powder in the wallpaper paste mix, a little glitter and you get gooey glitter paint. Another one for us to add to our outdoor art activities.

18 thoughts on “A New Art Experience: Gooey Glitter Paint

  1. Don’t worry…it’s hard not to get lumps in cellmix! A tip is to add a little powder to water first and whisk to smooth paste than add more water and powder slowly and keep whisking…then leave to sit for half hour as the lumps dissolve a little and it all becomes thicker! i actually like to have some lumps in there though as i think it adds to the sensory experience…i love the feel of it….never thought of adding glitter though…looks great! Makes a great paste too!Lovely pics full of messy fun x

    • The mirror is something I started to incorporate into our outdoor art activities a few months ago. It is just another part of the initial art/activity set-up. The children interact with the mirror, sometimes passively and other times quite deliberately – manipulating their reflection, or watching what they are doing through the mirror rather than at the table. It does bring another element to the experience and really makes their brains tick as you can see them working and creating. We really love it. You should try it sometime 😀

    • My kids definitely don’t have an eversion to mess. I sometimes think quite the opposite 😀 I’ve long since learned to take these activities outside after a rather enthusiastic experience with some bubble wrap painting 😀

  2. Wow, I love this! Thanks for sharing this great recipe, we will definetly try this one out!
    I love you encorporated the mirror, it really added to the experience!
    Thanks for sharing

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