This Week…22/52

Firstly, I wanted to share these from last week…

Equine Assisted Therapy - An Everyday StoryDrawing - An Everyday Story Archery - An Everyday Storydrawing bows and arrows - An Everyday Storydrawing bows and arrows - An Everyday Story

This week…

Playing with light - An Everyday Story Window blocks - An Everyday Story light panel - An Everyday Story Weighing - An Everyday Story Mashing banana - An Everyday StoryMashing banana - An Everyday Story Playdough - An Everyday Story washing bikes - An Everyday Story Making dinner - An Everyday Story moveable alphabet - An Everyday Story Collage - An Everyday StoryCollage - An Everyday Story Hot Air Balloon - An Everyday StoryHot Air Balloon - An Everyday Story

A snapshot of our week, our everyday story


If you feel inspired to share a moment from your week please leave a comment with your link below or pop over to Instragram and use the hashtag #p52thisweek. I’m kate_aneverydaystory. Hope to see you there.

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This week… 5/52

This week… 5/52

It’s been a little quiet over here this week, hasn’t it? Our computer isn’t cooperating at the moment. Good thing I have such a technically-minded hubby on the case. Sarah got a terrible stomach bug this week, there is nothing … Continue reading

A Translucent Geoboard for the Light Panel

A Translucent Geoboard for the Light Panel

You know when you stumble across an item when you are busily searching for something else and just LOVE it?!? Well, that was these little geoboards. I’ve had a huge piece of pegboard stored in my parent’s garage for ages … Continue reading