Reggio-inspired Materials: Mirrors

Using mirrors at home - Reggio inspired activities [An Everyday Story]

Reggio: Using Mirrors

Recently I have been getting quite a few questions asking where I buy different materials. I love that you guys are so interested in incorporating more Reggio and Montessori inspired activities and principles at home.

So what I thought I might do is add a few extra pages up the top with some of the main materials we have and where I purchased or found them.

I thought I would start with mirrors, since this is the material I am asked about most. We have a range of different mirrors, some acrylic and some glass, some long ones and some very small mosaics ones. We use them as loose parts, as backgrounds, in art activities and other discovery-type activities.

So if you’ve been wondering about mirrors, or thinking about adding some to your play areas and activities, please have a read.

I hope you find it useful. Next up I’m thinking about baskets and trays. I bought ours locally (in Australia) so if you have a stockist for inexpensive wooden trays internationally I would love to hear it.


Thanks for coming by. I do love meeting all of you who follow our days.

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