Natural Lavender Playdough

Reggio Activities - Natural Lavender PlaydoughSoothing calming lavender, picked fresh from Nanna’s garden and left to dry. The aroma has filled our house.

A batch of plain playdough, some sprigs of lavender and some loose dried flowers made for a wonderful morning activity.

Reggio Activities - Natural Lavender Playdough Reggio Activities - Natural Lavender Playdough Reggio Activities - Natural Lavender PlaydoughI like using the old tiles as a background for clay, it defines the space nicely and gives a nice smooth surface to work with. This was the first time I’ve used them with playdough though.

As an initial exploration, I knew Jack (3.75yrs) and Sarah (22mths) would mostly play with the lavender, pressing it into the playdough and rolling it between their fingers. The tile gave them a nice area for them to focus.

Reggio Activities - Natural Lavender PlaydoughReggio Activities - Natural Lavender PlaydoughThey pressed and rolled that playdough until it was bursting with lavender. The smell envelopes you. It’s beautiful.

18 thoughts on “Natural Lavender Playdough

  1. Making a batch of playdough together is one of my son’s favorite activities, and we have two different kinds of lavander growing in front of our house. I think we shall have to do this! I like the idea of working on the til as well.

  2. Your children also use a morter and pistle to crush the lavender with some water then add to the play dough recipe to create color and scented dough.

    • I think that is a lovely idea. We don’t have a proper mortar and pestle that the kids can work with but I am sure that I could pick one up rather cheaply from the thrift store. You’ve got me thinking now about other wonderful sensorial spices and flowers they can explore. 🙂

  3. I love that working with lavender creates such a calming evironment. I would love to know the best time to pick and dry lavender. I have a huge bush but never know the right time to harvest it. I hope Nanna’s up for sharing!

    • I never know either. Mums plant is huge. It was past blooming and the flowers had started to wilt. I just snipped it off willy-nilly 🙂 It only took a day to dry and smelled so beautiful. I think you’re supposed to snip right back to the thick leaves but Mum’s bush is so huge I don’t think I even made a dent 🙂

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  5. I’m just exploring your little space now – and am in one of those blog reading trances – such a lovely place…We made some playdough recently using natural dyes (beetroot, turmeric, raspberries, etc) that i wrote about – and added some lavendar and lemon essential oils. Love the idea of using the actual plant though……Off to read some more! x
    ps. Even more wonderful to discover another Canberra blog x

    • Oh I love those trances haha I was in one of those the other day when I was reading You Are My Fave 🙂 Do you know that one? I just discovered it.

      So lovely to meet you Claire. Maybe we could meet in person sometime while the kids have a play 🙂

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