This Week…13/52

This week…

building with blocks toddler and blocks christmas tree crayons cube chair table journal writing modern art posters paint on the trampoline playing with fire rocks snake tree climbing creek sunset

A snapshot of our week, our everyday story


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Project 52 This Week from An Everyday Story

15 thoughts on “This Week…13/52

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    • Jack has been really fascinated by fire for a little while now. I think it came from his fascination with volcanoes. I love this little fire he built. We all had to be very careful though. He kept reminding us that fire is very hot and we could get burnt. You can see from his journal writing how fascinated by fire he is at the moment 😀

      Thanks for sharing you week with us again this week.

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  3. You seem to have some kind of K-Mart serendipity – such wonderful finds. Also, I am in love with all your tree blocks and bits and pieces. Where do you source all those treasures??

    • I know! K-mart has recently updated their stock and they have all these wonderful things for such cheap prices. I was so stoked when I found the posters and they aren’t flimsy ones either. They are proper poster paper and glossy. They are going to look really beautiful hung for the kids.

      We get all our little natural treasures when we go bush walking. The wood blocks are from an old tree branch which my husband chopped for me. Then I just sanded and waxed them. So simple but so beautiful. I am thinking about making some smaller ones for gifts for Christmas.

  4. Beautiful! 🙂
    I’m so curious about the floor bed. How do you go about ‘keeping them in bed’ when it comes to rolling over, crawling etc… I love the concept of the floor bed but am yet to dive into it as I’m a little nervous about baby moving around the room!

    • We moved both Jack and Sarah onto a floor bed when they could crawl comfortably, so about 7-10months old. Before that they were in a cot. The floor bed was put in a corner, so walls on two sides, and then we used a mesh/breathe easy type bed safety rail along the open side (just slid it under the mattress). This stopped them from falling out. I have read that this rail is unnecessary because the child will eventually learn where the edge of the bed is and stay away from it but I wasn’t comfortable with them falling out in the mean time so we used the rail. I took the railing away about 2 months ago (Sarah was about 18 months) when I noticed that she no longer used it and was sleeping away from the edge. Now I put those polka dot pillows along her mattress to cushion any fall but she hasn’t fallen out.

      Sarah’s room is completely safe for her so I am comfortable with her moving about her room. This is the most important thing if you are going to use a floor bed, the room has to be safe and accessible. The floor bed is really great. Sarah can hop up and play for a little while if she’s not sleepy or read a book and then mostly (sometimes she falls asleep on the floor) goes back to bed.

  5. Kate, which type of snake is it? The deadliest I have met in person was a “fer de lance” in South America. I wonder what is Aussi’s deathliest snake.


    BTW, I really do enjoy those weekly posts of yours!

        • Don’t forget the Kangaroo!!!

          Why is it deathlier then any other snake?

          And speaking of how, as Aussies, are you able to live with the world largest collection of deathly animal everyday? I mean, I would never sleep thinking there might be a snake or a tarantula in my bed LOL.

          I sure hate snow and cold, but it does take care of all those little creatures (i.e. they don’t live here, I guess they hate the cold as much as I do ..Ha!)

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