My Christmas Wishlist

Thoughts on Christmas from An Everyday StoryThis Christmas I wish for sunshine and blue skies. For fresh fruit and croissants for breakfast. For that first bite of chocolate before 8:00am. For freshly squeezed juice and hot bacon.

I wish for cold drinks in the esky on a hot day. For backyard cricket and a round of bocce. For steaks sizzling on the BBQ as my dad and husband discuss their next grand scheme.

For the kids to be splashing in the paddle pool while mum and I sip punch under an umbrella. For bowls of cold salad and warm crusty bread.

I wish for slow and easy. An afternoon nap, a phone call to the sweetest friend whom I just never seem to speak to enough. And we’ll laugh and smile and maybe even cry as she tells me all the things she and her boys have been up to.

I wish for a stroll at night to see the neighbourhood Christmas lights, then home again to snuggle up in our jamies with undoubtedly more chocolate to watch a Christmas movie.

I wish someone so special to me is brought the closure she needs as she grieves for a child that will never be born.

I wish all the joy and happiness to my sister who is spending her first Christmas with her new family.

And finally, as a military family who spent Jack’s first Christmas apart, I wish that the fighting would stop, so that all the troops and their families, who sacrifice so very much can be together at Christmas.

This is my Christmas wish list. More than any gift, these are the things I want for Christmas.

11 thoughts on “My Christmas Wishlist

  1. “For the kids to be splashing in the paddle pool while mum and I sip punch under an umbrella. For bowls of cold salad and warm crusty bread.”

    Wow, this is so a clash for me reading this! We’ll most likely be freezing or under freezing rains of some kind. (Snow has missed Christmas for the last 2 years)

    I hope you’ll get all your Christmas wishes 🙂

    • It’s just not fair to be that cold and not have snow! Snow makes the cold bare able 😀 I have an English friend who is having her first Aussie summer Christmas this year. She said it just some how feels wrong 😀 Like all the food and traditions just don’t fit. I guess she is right, all the heavy roasted food and symbols of snow and winter just seem so out of place here. Christmas for us is hot and sunny 🙂

    • Thanks Sylvia. I did spend three Christmases in Japan, beautiful white Christmases. 😀 I do love a white Christmas but there is just something about being outside together, enjoying the sunshine and having a laugh while watching the kids play. I love Christmas.

  2. Oooh, nice new header pic 🙂 And what a lovely Christmas List that was too! Certainly beat the lists of store bought objects and made me feel and remember the true spirit of the holiday season 🙂

  3. I love your focus for your Christmas wish list, it sounds pretty special to me. And nice to put the focus on the little moments together and the small pleasures 🙂

  4. sounds perfect!!

    Also have to say that it my 7th year in a\Australia from England and its SO hard to get into the spirit! But this year im making a huge effort and loving it! Love your blog!

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