Real Life: I Accessorise with Yoghurt

Smiley SarahIt’s 8:20 am. Monday. Preschool day. We are late again. Again. Why are we always late? It’s not like it’s any great surprise, Jack goes to preschool every Monday.

As I inhale my breakfast and hurry the kids out the door I notice a big glob of yoghurt on my shirt. A quick wipe and it’s all good. Not too much of a stain. I didn’t think anything more of it.

But actually it was quite a big mark, and now since I wiped it, my shirt was wet as well.

Do you remember those days, the ones where you would have changed your shirt, or not gotten yoghurt on it in the first place because you would have been actually sitting down to eat breakfast?! Funny isn’t it?

Now it’s not whether or not you’ve got something on your shirt (there’s always something on your shirt, or pants…), it’s how big the mark is and whether you can still get away with wearing it.

Later that day Sarah and I were at the shopping centre. We passed a beautiful 20something year old. Brown curly hair, smartly dressed, gorgeous shoes….I sighed… that was me….once.

And as I looked down at myself I noticed tiny fingerprints of paint on my shorts and smiled. Oh well, they go nicely with the yoghurt.

Sharing with Kate at Picklebums for Real Life Wednesday.

10 thoughts on “Real Life: I Accessorise with Yoghurt

  1. Thank you for the smile! This is me on a daily basis. Usually I don’t even the notice the marks until the end of the day!!! And yet I wouldn’t trade places with my former self for anything!

    • Nope not for anything in the world. Even when the monotony of daily life can sometimes get you down, I still wouldn’t change a thing. I don’t mind the marks on my clothes really cause I know my little one more often than not put them there. And that is pretty great.

  2. Ah yes I remember the first time I was out with a newborn and I had spit up on my shoulder. I remember thinking ‘oh well’. The other day I had toothpaste in my hair. Oh well. 🙂

    • They really do, don’t they? I think I have definitely improved as the kids have gotten older but I just can’t see myself ever putting the time and effort into getting dressed and preening like it used to. Just not that important anymore.

  3. Oh how this made me smile….

    I accessorized with baby vomit for a good many years and yesterday it seems I may have gone to kinder pick up with toddler poop on my shirt… ugh!

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