18 thoughts on “This Week … 10/52

    • The kids love the OHP. They do all kinds of things on it. I got mine off Freecycle. I just put a request out for one and someone got back to me. I think it was a business getting rid of old stuff. Might be worth a try.

    • Really well. It was so so easy. I couldn’t quite believe how easy it was actually. Just pour the cream in a sterilised jar and shake. It was so satisfying to see it come together. Plus I used to spend $4 on a tub of butter, now I can spend $1 on a container of cream and make my own with no added yucky bits. Mmmmmm so delicious.

  1. I haven’t seen an OHP for years…you just took me back to my schooldays!What a great idea! Love the mess and paint and colours! And how gorgeous is your little man playing that guitar..so clever!!!How special they brought the bees out for hiim to see!

    • We LOVE the OHP over this way 😀 They are so great for so many things. But you can guarantee there’ll never be any worksheets on them 😛 The kids love using it for shadow play too.

      Jack is our little musician. He plays music all day everyday.

  2. I love the idea of covering the table with brown paper and letting them paint. I’ve used lining wallpaper and pens which has been very popular with my 3 year old but this would be even better.

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