Feeling Inspired Again

An Inspired Life - An Everyday Story header‘We need to cultivate…an atmosphere of reciprocal help and socialisation. Implicit in this is a decisive response to a child’s need to feel whole.

Feeling whole is a biological and cultural necessity for the child (and the adult). It is a vital state of well-being’. ~ Loris Malaguzzi, founder of the Reggio Emilia Approach


We spend a lot of our time preparing our children’s environments, don’t we? Thinking about how we can foster their creativity, encourage them to explore and feel inspired.

But what about us? Do we feel inspired? Do we feel encouraged to learn and explore and try new things?

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Am I inspired? Does my environment encourage creativity, make me feel at peace, am I living an inspired life?

Somewhere along the way I feel like I have lost something. I still cook, but I no longer spend the time to perfect that banana bread recipe like I used to; I still sew but no longer feel inspired to learn new skills; I still read but now it is mostly educational or art books for the kids; I still garden but now it is mostly pulling weeds rather than nurturing a space. Do you know what I mean? Everything is still there it just feels..well..uninspired.

I want to feel inspired again. And so I have decided to make a few changes, starting with my environment; my home. I have a prepared environment for Jack (3.5yrs) and Sarah (18mths) but what about my husband and me?

In their bedrooms (Jack’s and Sarah’s), they have everything they need, easily accessible….in mine? Not so much! We are always looking for things, our drawers aren’t tidy, our wardrobe isn’t as organised as it could be.

In the kitchen, the kids have their own shelves…but the other shelves? Are they organised and neatly presented to inspire me to be in the kitchen because I want to be? Not so much! And let’s not even get started on the laundry…

So that is where I am going to begin; my home, more specifically, my laundry. My most disliked room in my house, I won’t even let the kids in there. It makes me stressed to be in there. I don’t like feeling stressed. Yep, this is my first task towards living an inspired life again.


I don’t think I will set too many restrictions on myself, no harsh rules, but there are definitely a lot of areas in my life which I could make small changes in order to feel whole again; inspired. I already feel better about myself just thinking about it.

So will you come along with me? Towards living an inspired life?

15 thoughts on “Feeling Inspired Again

  1. I was just talking about this with my husband today! I feel like my days are whirlwinds just completely kid-centered, but the only time I have even a moment is after they are in bed. Crazy how different (but wonderful different) life becomes with children. Maybe this weekend I will take some time to go through the piles of ‘Me’ projects that seem to have been set aside.

    • Wonderfully different but so different like you said. I think we need time to find ourselves so we can be a whole person for our children. I think they deserve someone (and I deserve) who is passionate about life and pursues their dreams. Someone who shows them what it means to live, to truly know who you are and embrace that. This is what I am hoping to do; to find myself again. I think it’ll take some time, but we all need time to focus on ourselves.

    • So many dreams indeed but I think they are achievable. I think if we prioritise ourselves we will find some time, even small snippets. I know we will be better parents when we are connected with ourselves.

  2. What an eye opener! I definitely don’t think of myself and my environment like I do my children’s. I’ve felt so stuck in a rut and you have inspired me to be inspired!

    • Come and do this with me Rachel! Just little steps here and there. I am already feeling fresher inside, not just going about everyday but actually feeling inspired to do somethings differently. It’s so true how much a beautiful environment can affect how we feel.

  3. Thank you for this post! It is inspiring and I can absolutely relate. It’s part of letting our children see that everyone’s artistic aspirations are valued in the home, isn’t it? So much easier said than done. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I really enjoy it, thank you. I look forward to seeing where this path leads you!

    • You are so right, I think teaching our children that everyone is valued, everyone has passion and interests and these should be encouraged and celebrated if we are to live full and happy lives. It just seems that I got a little caught up with focussing my entire energies on my children and there was nothing left for me. I am really looking forward to where this journey takes me too.

  4. Love your idea!
    I’m exactly in this right now, trying to all (parents included) being back on the track of being inspired and lit up from inside. It is a hard road here, because there is so much to do, but I am sure it will be so worthwhile!

    • I thought you might relate 😀 Especially with the huge transitions your family are going through at the moment. I love what you said about being lit from the inside. This is what I want to feel again and I know that when I feel this, it will transpire to Jack and Sarah. And this can only be a good thing. There is so much to do and at first it seems a little, well uncreative, but I think I really need to start with my environment, my home, my sanctuary. If there is ever a place which conjures up a sense of peace and comfort it should be your home. I think once I feel at peace with my environment again I will start to feel inspired to pursue other creative interests.

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  6. Yes, absolutely! My husband and I were just talking about this last night, and now that I’ve read your post… I’m ready to clean up around here and make this house inviting for all of us. Thank you for the push!

    • You’re welcome 😀 If you are anything like me, once you get going, you really get going 😀 I have been quite drastic with my decluttering, anything that we haven’t used in the past 2 years is definitely in the donate/trash bin! It feels so nice to have a place for things. There is still a bit to go but things are looking good. Do it! 😀

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