A New Book: Kids in the Kitchen

I went to visit my beautiful friend Kylie today. When you walk into her home you pass a sweet little area for her boys to put on their shoes, you walk passed their family room, beautifully arranged with child-sized furniture; today there was a giant mirror up against a wall for the kids to explore. Into the kitchen/dining room and you see a child-sized snack table with three tiny chairs, another small table neatly presented with a tiny pitcher of water and a glass. A snack of fresh fruit and crackers is prepared for us and presented on small crockery plates. Yes, this is a Montessori home.

We chatted while the kids played. When we were leaving Kylie gave me a copy of her first book, Kids in the Kitchen. I am so thrilled to have a copy. I am really looking forward to showing it to Jack. I know he is going to love it. Now to decide what to cook first….hmmm maybe the muffins…or the chocolate cake…. I’ll let you know how we go next week.

2 thoughts on “A New Book: Kids in the Kitchen

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