6 thoughts on “This Week… 3/52

  1. Wow Kate, looks like an amazing week!

    Is the playgroup and preschool the same? Or does Jack go to a preschool and also participate in a playgroup?
    Both looks amazing places anyway!

    I love the underwater play. This one sure looks appealing to me

    • It was a great week 😀 Preschool and playgroup are separate; Jack goes to preschool and Sarah goes to playgroup. At the moment I am coordinating the playgroup so I get to organise lots of wonderful activities using the enormous variety of resources and materials on offer, it’s such fun. Jack’s preschool spends one morning a week in the bush. The kids climb trees, play in the mud, explore ants’ nests, it’s wonderful and Jack loves it. We are very fortunate to live in a place which has such a preschool, it is quite a unique place.

  2. Oh and btw, my copy of “project based homeschooling” is starting to look just like yours.
    I think I have read it 3 times in a row. It makes perfect sense. All of it.

    • Hi Marsha. This is one of our favourite activities. I just pour some white vinegar and water (I’m not too exact on the measurements 🙂 ) into a spray bottle, add a little food colouring, and then spread out the baking soda onto a tray or a tub. The spray bottle makes tiny little fizzers on the baking soda. I like it because the activity last a lot longer than if you were to pour the vinegar/water on like in the traditional experiment. It’s also fun to use with little pipettes.

Thanks for coming by. I do love meeting all of you who follow our days.

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