A Translucent Geoboard for the Light Panel

You know when you stumble across an item when you are busily searching for something else and just LOVE it?!? Well, that was these little geoboards. I’ve had a huge piece of pegboard stored in my parent’s garage for ages now just waiting for me to make some geoboards but…well… you know, things get put aside.

But these translucent ones are wonderful. They are fairly small, just 10 knobs across, older kids might prefer something a bit bigger, but they are the perfect size for Jack (3.5yrs). Each board also came with a bunch of three differently sized coloured elastics. And even though the knobs are small, Jack’s been able to fit three elastics on one knob before they start to bounce off again.

‘Look Mummy, I made a rocket!’ ‘Look Mummy I made an ice-cream’. ‘Look Mummy!!!’ 

These little boards are also fabulous for Jack’s bilateral coordination; he has to use one hand, his helper hand, to hold the elastic and then stretch the elastic with his other hand. This stretching motion was a little challenging at first but he was so motivated by the pictures he could create, that he persevered.

Do you have a geoboard? Jack has been so engaged by this little translucent one on the light panel that I think I might just get my act together and make him a proper big one using the pegboard. I can see already, not just the therapy benefits (he is working on his pincer grip as well strengthening his hand and wrist muscles by pulling the elastic) but also his creative spatial thinking is really being challenged with just this one little board.

* We have an A2 sized light panel. I bought it here on sale. If you’re in Australia and thinking about a light panel, I would recommend this one. It is large enough for both Jack and Sarah to explore at the same time. 

15 thoughts on “A Translucent Geoboard for the Light Panel

  1. I haven’t seen these before. They look fabulous. I love the extra element that the light box would bring. Thanks for all these great resources. I’m still learning about Reggio and am not quite sure about materials. There are plenty of Montessori materials but I am not sure about Reggio. Is it that any material really could be used, it is the way in which they are used and offered to the children which make them Reggio?

    • They are really fabulous 😀 Jack is really loving them. Reggio-inspired materials can be a little trickier to find than Montessori ones. Educational suppliers like Discount School Supplies, or if you’re in Australia, Kangaroo, ZartArt, Modern Teaching Aids and Educational Experience all have a nice range.

  2. I love how you make your activities so visually appealing. What child wouldn’t love to work with this. Another question about the light panel, it seems to work best when the room is really dark, do you use yours in Jack’s little house? I know I wouldn’t be able to get our rooms this dark during the day and might not have the same appeal. Any suggestions??

    • Yeah ours is in Jack’s little cubby. We originally had it out just on a table and found that the playroom wasn’t dark enough (you know it has all those windows) and it didn’t have the appeal I had hoped for. They are pretty bright though and so a darkened room would work just fine I think. Does the boys’ room have curtains (I can’t remember)? This one is nice and light and thin so you can easily plug it in anywhere.

  3. I just love how you use the lightbox, I am always inspired! I bought a little second hand projector on craigslist after seeing your posts an my 3 year old son Jack just adores it. He plays with glass beads, translucent builders,… the geo board is such a great idea, now I just have to find one :). Next I am planning to make some shadow figures based on books he likes to play out the stories. Thanks for all your great posts!!

    • Thanks Natali. Aren’t the projectors just wonderful! Both Jack and Sarah ask to play with it most days. At the moment they are really enjoying drawing with OHP pens onto clear laminated sheets. The shadow figures would be great. Jack likes to draw the silhouettes onto large sheets of paper (I just put a piece of paper on the wall). We love the OHP 😀

  4. I purchased a translucent geoboard after seeing this post and Cam LOVES it. It’s tricky enough to be interesting without frustrating. I wouldn’t have known where to look if it weren’t for you, so thank you. I got mine from MTA because they also had a clay gun for 70% off. So fun 🙂

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