Reggio at Home: Inspiration on Pinterest

Is there anyone else out there blogging about implementing Reggio-inspired principles at home? I’ve searched and searched and haven’t really come up with much. There are plenty of Reggio-inspired preschools but what about at home? There has to be….

** UPDATED 16/08: Ok major omission folks! (that’s what I get for blogging past midnight while I wait for the painting smocks to wash). 

How could I forget about Lori?!? She is my absolute go-to person for all things project-based learning. She is very welcoming and loves a good discussion, plus no question is too silly or too difficult, she’ll help you out. She also has a great forum, not a boring old ‘look how wonderful we are’ forum, but a really inspiring one full of practical ideas for implementing project-based learning. Definitely pop on over.

I’m reading (and loving) her book at the moment: Project-based Homeschooling. It is the BEST book I have read for practical  ideas and inspiring thoughts for homeschooling, and anyone who knows me knows I read a LOT of homeschooling books. I think I may do a review of it when I finish. ** 

So please, introduce yourself so we can all share and learn together. In the meantime, I’ve organised my Pinterest boards to include Reggio activities / spaces / ideas that I think can be easily transferred to the home. So if you wanted to pop over and have a look, please do. I have a Reggio Materials board which I’m adding materials as I get them and recommend. I have a package arriving tomorrow with some magnets and prisms which I’m looking forward to.

Also I have been speaking with a friend recently about how to go about recognising a potential project and the difference between a project and a theme. It was a really interesting discussion, I love geeky-educational discussions. I think I’ll put my thoughts together and post something; especially about starting a project at home with young (3-5yr olds) children. I should have that up by the end of the week. If you have any thoughts please leave a comment and we can discuss.

‘Til then, night all. I have ‘work’ tomorrow, well if you can call facilitating our Reggio-inspired playgroup ‘work’. I have glittery ‘space’ playdough, nuts & bolts, large-scale drawing and large-scale bubble wrap painting (outside of course) planned. Should get very messy and very fun. Nothing like the joy of exploring different materials. Hope the parents packed a change of clothes!

19 thoughts on “Reggio at Home: Inspiration on Pinterest

  1. Well, I can’t actually say I’m “blogging,” as it hasn’t happened in a long time (life has gotten complicated lately), but I’m definitely Reggio-inspired in my home (which is also an early-childhood program, but my blog focuses more on family). Please come on over and “visit.” I do hope I’ll be getting back to it soon.

    You might also want to check out Lori Pickert’s blog “Project-Based Homeschooling,” if you haven’t already. She has tons of great info about identifying and extending projects. The forum there has some excellent discussion, and Lori is quick to answer any questions and a great person to bounce ideas off.

    Off to check out your Pinterest boards. (I’m there, too: Lise McGuinness.)

    • I know I can’t believe I forgot about Lori! She is truly inspirational, I have learnt so much from her already. I am blaming my late night state for the omission 😀

      I had a little visit around your purple house and it does look quite lovely. Unschooling intrigues me; while we have definitely decided on homeschooling, and project-based homeschooling, I still wonder about unschooling. Does the uncertainty and nervousness pass as you gain more trust in your children? It really appeals to me but at this stage I am not sure I have gained that trust yet (old teacher habits die hard).

        • unfortunately that list is kind of a dead end now that amongst lovely things has dropped her interest in reggio/project-based homeschooling. you should really start a new one here on your blog that you could keep up to date!

      • hee hee — i would love it if you did a review of the book! 😀

        and thank you SO MUCH for your very kind words — i am so happy to find a new reggio-inspired friend, and your blog is beautiful and the information you’re offering so well organized. 🙂

        • Lori, I am getting so much from your book your wouldn’t realise. I always thought I was pretty open-minded and had a pretty good understanding of education and learning from my teaching experience but your book is really helping me form a clear idea in my head about how that learning will look at home and how it will continue to evolve as we go through the years. Teaching high school meant that I got a new class of kids every 10 weeks, and I started all over again. Homeschooling, daily, weekly, yearly… a whole life time, is another thing entirely. I am feeling more and more confident with every page that I read.

  2. p.s. there’s also a great reggio-inspired ning group — — and the reggio-inspired network of minnesota —

    although they aren’t “reggio at home,” there’s a lot of inspiration that you can adapt for home use.

    • They are beautiful aren’t they? There are quite a few on there which on are my wish list. I had actually forgotten about them…hmmm now that I am working for a bit maybe I can justify a purchase 😀

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