Jump Jack, JUMP!

When you first suspect that something might not be ‘normal’ with your child it begins to consumes your every thought; why can’t he walk yet? He should be walking, everyone else’s children are walking.

So you go and see a doctor and that is when your whole world comes to a grinding halt.

It’s as if you go to bed one night, comfy and warm, and happy in your little world, but wake up the next morning and everything has changed. The place still looks familiar but you no longer speak the language. It’s like your old world, the one filled with all your hopes and dreams, is still there, you can see it, you can see the people in it, but no matter how desperately you try, you can’t get back there.

You’re in a new world now; lost. Doctors start taking blood tests and MRIs; they talk, they talk so much, but it’s a haze, you don’t understand what they are saying…test for a degenerative condition…abnormal development of neurones….genetic birth defect…brain injury…BRAIN injury!

And you cry, you cry so hard for so long. Why? Why did this happen? He’s such a perfect little boy, you ask yourself. It’s not FAIR, you scream!

But then the haze starts to clear, you start to learn the language. You realise that while this world is not where you expected to be, it is where you were meant to be.

And then beautiful, amazing things start to happen. Your little boy learns to walk, then run, then jump! And you cry again, you cry so hard because you know that he is going to be just fine.

5 thoughts on “Jump Jack, JUMP!

  1. ok that made me cry. But happy tears. you are right you guys are going to be just fine. Thanks so much for linking this to the Sunday Parenting Party. I’m featuring this post next Sunday. You can grab an “I was featured” button from my button page if you’d like one.

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