The Flying Orchestra

Have you heard the Flying Orchestra? Jack has. It plays for him in everything he does. The Flying Orchestra is the music from your soul, from deep inside you. Your own personal theme song, the soundtrack of your life.

We borrowed this book from the library recently. It has resonated with Jack so deeply;

‘a concerto when someone stays awake all night thinking, a sonata for a sad moment..’

‘The flying orchestra always plays when a baby is born. And every single day they play at dusk and at dawn’ …

‘And wherever they are, the Flying Orchestra play their best and most beautiful music for no reason in particular, but just because someone is listening’.

Music truly is a part of Jack’s soul, it’s who he is. From the moment he wakes up until his last goodnight, he hears music, he plays music, he creates music.

He sees potential for music and sound all around him; tree stumps, utensils in the mud kitchen, gravel on the footpath. He sings in the shower, in the car, in the toilet, everywhere. He seems to always have a song or a beat or a rhythm in his head.

Music captivates him; brings him to life and takes him to other places.

Jack most definitely hears the Flying Orchestra. In the busyness of our grown-up lives, do we still hear it?

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2 thoughts on “The Flying Orchestra

  1. We were SO lucky to win tickets to see the musical show “The Flying Orchestra” at the Brisbane kids ‘Out of the Box’ Festival! Before we went, we got the book out from the library. We enjoyed the book, but the show was AMAZING!

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