In the Kitchen with Sarah (and a teeny tiny apron)

Now that Sarah is well and truly walking (more often, running!) around she is starting to show an interest in routines. She watches me and Jack so carefully and then copies what we do; the other day Sarah took a placemat out of the kitchen drawer, put it up onto the dining table and then said ‘Um’ (food), up’.

At 14 months, Jack wasn’t walking and so didn’t have a shelf of his own in the kitchen, but I think Sarah is ready. It’s very simple; cutlery, a plate, her placemat and cleaning basket. We use plastic in our house for Jack however Montessori encourages using glass and crockery. I think it is important to understand the intent behind the principle, consider your child and their needs and make the best decision for your family.

Also we don’t have a lot of spare cash and so prefer to make do with what we have. It’s not as beautiful as some other Montessori-inspired spaces I’ve seen, but it’s simple and functional and it works for Sarah.

Sarah is enjoying having access to her plate and cutlery. If we use simple language, ‘Sarah, can you get your plate please?‘, she will happily get it out and hand it to me.

She also enjoys standing in the Learning Tower and I’ve started to include her more in what I am doing. Like this simple little snack, once I take the peel off, Sarah enjoys pulling the segments and sometimes putting them in the bowl, but mostly just eating them.

I made her this sweet little apron, never too young for an apron I say. Now she is all set. I had intended on using elastic around the neck but didn’t have any small enough. This sure is one teeny tiny apron.

I mostly copied the pattern from Jack’s apron, taking it in at the sides and making it shorter. There is a single strap at the back so when she gets a little more dextrous she can do the apron up herself. Sarah is able to put it over her head at the moment and I do it up. 

And I just love the fabric, looks so fresh and yummy. 

I do enjoy sewing but I am not a great seamstress by any stretch. I think this is definitely a project that beginners could tackle. If you have an apron already, grab some butcher’s paper and trace around it, adding a little bit for a seam allowance. If you don’t have an apron, just draw an apron-like shape onto the paper and put it up against your little chef. It’s simply two panels stitched together, can’t go much wrong with that. Have a go. Every little chef needs an apron!

7 thoughts on “In the Kitchen with Sarah (and a teeny tiny apron)

  1. Love it! That apron is adorable. I love getting ideas as to how to organize their cabinets. D has one set aside in the kitchen, but it never seems to be organized or arranged so he can get what is needed without pulling everything out. Also should begin to look in to a leaning tower. Lately the weaning table has turned into a large stool to see the island 🙂

    • The learning tower is wonderful. It was a little expensive (well for our budget anyway) but we bought it for Jack since he wasn’t able to stand on a regular stool without overbalancing. I think if you are confident that D would be able to manage, he might not necessarily need all the safety features of the Learning Tower and there might be other less expensive options.

      Yeah, Sarah’s cupboard originally had more in it but I found that she was just taking everything out. So I took most of it out leaving her enough for just one meal. This works much better.

    • I know! I am always terrible at the fabric store. I actually bought two different designs because I couldn’t decide which one I preferred. The other one has smaller autumn coloured apples. Now to think of what to do with it. My fabric stash is embarrassingly huge 😀

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