A Home Among the Gum Trees

Funny how things change. I always considered myself a bit of a gypsy; living in 24 different houses, 3 different countries, going to 5 different schools, but now I am actually, seriously considering the thought of setting down some roots. A place of our own, a place to plant a tree and actually be around to watch it grow. A place where if I don’t like the colour of the walls, I can paint them. A place that’s ours, ours for the long run. Somewhere where we can sit on the verandah, our verandah, and watch the sun go down.

Well I tell you, this has to be some special place if it makes me want to stay. Somewhere to stretch your arms and breathe, somewhere surrounded by the Aussie bush, with gum trees and native grasses and kangaroos. We’ve been looking for a little while and I think we might have just found it. Now all we need is for a few things to align and this patch of paradise will be ours. Even on this chilly winter’s day it’s still pretty spectacular. Imagine when it comes back to life in spring. It will be full with wildflowers.

We have such dreams for this place. A beautiful straw bale homestead, a roaring wood burner, some grapevines, a lush veggie garden, a little orchard and as much of the natural bushland preserved as possible. A place where Jack and Sarah can play and run and learn outside. To explore and wonder, to discover and just be, be still amongst nature. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? Sounds like something I would be willing to settle down for.

Yep, this place just might be it.

4 thoughts on “A Home Among the Gum Trees

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