Repurposed Mittens & Leg Warmers

This morning we woke up and everything was white. Well as white as it gets down this way. Ok, so we don’t get snow but everything was frosted over and the sky was thick with fog; everything was white. This winter I am determined to get out and about more. Last year I think we were in shock and so all but hibernated inside running up an enormous heating bill!

So in the spirit of no such thing as bad weather, I made Sarah a pair of wooly mittens and leg warmers. I wanted to make envelope mittens but my sewing skills don’t quite extend that far. Traditional mittens would have to do.

I made these mittens from an old pair of mittens of mine bound for the charity bin. They were so simple to make. If you don’t have any old mittens, the cuffs of an old woollen jumper would also work.

1. Trace around those cute little hands leaving enough space for a seam allowance.

2. Lay your pattern out on the mittens,

3. Cut and stitch. That’s it. Easy.

I put the pattern up the top and along one side of the old mittens so I could use the original stitching. This way I only needed to stitch along the bottom and around the thumb. These took about 10 minutes to make; and that’s with me going ever so slowly. One of the thumbs turned out a little square but they still fit nicely.

With the left over cuffs of the old mittens, I stitched around the bottom making some nice stripy leg warmers.

Perfect for chilly afternoon walks and for spontaneous rolls on the pavement.

Ok, winter. We’re ready!

7 thoughts on “Repurposed Mittens & Leg Warmers

    • For some peculiar reason Jack just decided to lay down on the pavement and start rolling back and forth. He said he was scratching his back like our dog does! Sarah thought it looked like a bit of fun I guess and so joined in. They were both laughing so hard, it was just beautiful.

Thanks for coming by. I do love meeting all of you who follow our days.

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