Coloured Chrysanthemums

Are these chrysanthemums? I think they’re chrysanthemums. Dyeing flowers is just one of those quintessential childhood experiences, isn’t it? White flowers don’t stand a chance. They are beautiful but watching them change colour is fascinating and absorbing – for me at least it’s like watching fire; mesmerising.

In no time at all, about an hour or so, little specks of colour start to appear. Specks turn into stripes and over the next few days the flower turns a beautiful shade with vibrant flecks of colour.

We chose blue and red. Our bunch of flowers had six stems. Two went into the blue coloured water, two in the red, and two were our control flowers. This way Jack could see what the flowers originally looked like and how they are changing. The blue flowers became quite vibrant while the red were more subtle.

After a day or so we swapped one blue flower stem for one red flower stem and ended up with some beautiful purple specks. Can you see them?

We talked about how the flowers were drinking the coloured water and then as the water evaporated the colour was left. I don’t think it is too important to go into too much scientific detail; just marvel in the beauty of nature.

3 thoughts on “Coloured Chrysanthemums

  1. These photos are just gorgeous. I really love the blue flowers. They are magnificent. I remember doing this when I was little. My children will love it. Thanks for the reminder.

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