Out in Nature

This Sunday was anything but lazy; it was part of my pledge to get outside more this winter. Last winter Sarah was a newborn and we had just moved down from the tropics and well, I had plenty of excuses to hibernate inside under blankets.

Today was the most beautifully warm winter’s day (you wouldn’t have caught me saying that last year); bright blue skies and only a slight crisp in the air. Gorgeous. We took a drive with my parents down to Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve; an incredibly beautiful place with tall hills, nature trails, wetlands, bushlands, spectacular Aussie native plants and of course lots of wildlife.

Along with plenty of native birds we saw rock wallabies, kangaroos lazing in the sun with emus walking amongst them and most wonderfully, a platypus! One of the most elusive Australian animals, only a privileged few have seen one and that was us today!

We walked the trails, Jack climbed over boulders, carried sticks and picked up precious rocks. I love days like these; Jack and Sarah are so free, free to explore, free to investigate. We go at our own pace, with no destination in mind, just walking. Jack stops and takes a break now and then when he becomes tired, then springs back up again off to discover more.

We only visited two of the fifteen different areas to explore. Next time we’ll go on the koala walk. There will definitely be a next time.

7 thoughts on “Out in Nature

  1. Hi Kate, I just thought I’d let you know that I am reading all of your posts and thoroughly enjoying each one. I made Pink Peppermint playdough the other day for my daughter and one of her friends. I used peppermint essential oil as I didn’t have any peppermint essence, and I also added some glitter for some extra shine. My daughters 2.5 year old friend said it was ‘Awesome’! Keep writing and I will keep on reading even if I don’t comment on each one. Thanks heaps for your inspiration! 🙂 Miriam

  2. You saw a platypus?!! Wow, lucky you!! We have just finished reading the Austraian classic book “Shy the Platypus” which has been around for years, but there is a lovely new edition with beautiful illustrations, information about the author, and the platupus (habitat, food, anatomy, etc).

    • Ohh sounds good. I’ll have to see if our library has a copy.

      I know how lucky were we to see a platypus! And it wasn’t shy either, just happily swimming around, coming up for air and then back down again. It was wonderful.

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