Window Blocks

Jack has been fascinated by light and shadows for a little while now. He loves to watch his shadow grow and shrink. We were at the library the other day and I stumbled across these window blocks. They were in the corner of the toy section buried underneath a pile of books. I had been eyeing these blocks off in the toy store for ages but they are way out of our budget so when I saw them hidden in the corner I was so thrilled.

Jack loved them immediately and has played with them everyday for the last week. The first morning I put them out in the playroom in front of our dress-up mirror. The morning sun was streaming beautifully through the window onto the mirror.

It was interesting watching him play. At first he sat to the side so he could watch himself building in the mirror; he moved the blocks back and forth watching the coloured shadows grow.

In the evening sun, Jack started building some rockets and a launch tower but there were no coloured shadows! You could see him thinking, why weren’t there any coloured shadows? He turned his head towards the sun and then back to the blocks and back to the sun again. Then he stepped to the side and I saw him smile just a little.

And when the sun got too high in the day for gorgeous sunbeams through our windows? Out came the OHP.

I love these blocks. Jack LOVES these blocks. And the best part is I can just borrow them out from the library for free.

14 thoughts on “Window Blocks

  1. That looks amazing Kate. I love how you have captured the coloured light coming through the blocks. Blocks from the library? I really must visit your library sometime! I love the inquisitive look on Jack’s face too.

    • The blocks really were the only thing like it that I saw. It’s only a small toy section (there may be other hidden treasures) but still, pretty great that I can just borrow them out again.

      I love that face too. It’s the ‘I could dance up and down in front of him and he wouldn’t notice’ face. That’s when I know he really loves something.

  2. I have been wondering for a long time whether I should get those block or if they were not worth the investment. Well, this post sure gives me a push in a certain direction 😉

    I loved that post. Very interesting.

    • They are quite an investment aren’t they, but Jack has honestly loved playing with them. I think it is more the wonder of creating silhouettes of light than building with the blocks. If you feel they are a bit too pricey, I think you could still create a similar experience with laminated cellophane on the window. Not the same, I know, but maybe something to try and see if your little people enjoy it, it might give you a good indication as to whether they’ll enjoy the window blocks.

  3. Your library sounds great! You mean a regular library? Or a toy library? My Jack is getting hollow blocks for his birthday; maybe I can get some cellophane to make them coloured window blocks! Then I would just need some sunshine… hmm that sounds like the hard part. You make me want an overhead projector!

    • Yeah, it’s just a regular library but it has a little toy section. I love the hollow blocks. I would love to get some of them for my little people too. Do you have a laminator? You could try making some laminated coloured squares.
      Need some sunshine hey? Hmmmm would you happen to live in England by any chance 😀 xx

      • Just good old Melbourne 🙂 13 degrees predicted for the next 5 days straight and I live a little out of the city and it’s always 1 – 2 degrees colder! We’ve had our winter solstice, now bring on the longer days! Good idea with the laminator!

  4. I love these beautiful blocks! Where can I buy these (in Australia)? Sounds like they are probably going to be too pricey for me, but you never know… maybe someone will have a 50% off sale, haha!

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