In Her Own Time

I have this sweet little girl. From the very beginning she has been content to snuggle into me, to be carried, to be with me. In the last week she has found a new level of independence; a new desire to choose when and what to explore. My little Sarah wants to walk. Montessori talks about this; a continual emergence of independence. Sarah wants to discover the world, in her own time, at her own pace, in her own way.

This weekend we had a lovely picnic on the shore or Lake Burley Griffin. It was my Mother’s Day present. Afterwards we went for a stroll and stumbled across a mob of kangaroos. I was surprised how closely they let us get to them. Jack was completely in awe of them. We were privileged to see a joey come out of its mother’s pouch. We just sat and watched.

Jack and Daddy continued walking but Sarah’s attention was captured by this tree. She wanted to explore the tree.

Underneath the tree, amongst the leaves and the dirt, she played. Content, at peace. It was so beautiful to watch.

I was a little saddened when my baby no longer wanted to be held. But when I let her go, I saw the world through her eyes; full of wonderment. Sarah wants to experience this new greater space she now lives in, these new freedoms.

I have a sweet little girl. She is an explorer.

We walk hand in hand now.

5 thoughts on “In Her Own Time

  1. I love this post – T is now 14 months and she is wanting some independence but also still wants to be very close as well. She holds my hand as we walk but is loving to go and explore the world and then run back and give me a cuddle

  2. So sweet. I remember worrying about my little guy, who was content to sit and watch the world go by for months….until he figured out standing at about 8 months. By 9 months he was walking holding on to one adult finger. We went everywhere like that. Despite our aching backs his dad and I felt so privileged to be invited, and trusted, to explore his world with him.

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