In the Kitchen: Simple Choc Chip Cookies (Gluten Free)

It’s so important for children, especially boys, to feel comfortable and confident in the kitchen. I try to give Jack as much opportunity to cook with me in the kitchen as possible. Really cook with me, chop food, use the grater, mix, pour, read recipes. This way hopefully when he is all grown up and moves out he’ll know how to prepare good food for himself.

All the recipes I share on here are ones Jack and I cook together. This biscuit recipe is one of our favourites. We have baked them so often that Jack pretty much knows the recipe by heart.

I love a simple recipe that I can whip up in no time and Jack can help. The basic biscuit dough can be used for plain butter biscuits, or add a dollop of jam for jam drops, or in this case, deliciously crumbly choc-chip cookies. Perfect for morning tea with a cup of milk.


1 cup of GF plain (all-purpose) flour

1 cup GF self-raising flour

1/2 cup caster sugar

3/4 cup choc-chips – N.B some brands contain gluten. We use Nestle brand

125g of chopped softened butter

1 egg

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1-2 tbsp milk – add one tbsp at a time


Oven 180 degrees (350F)

Cream the butter, sugar and vanilla with an electric beater until pale and creamy. Slowly add the egg and mix until combined. Combine the plain and self-raising flour. Sift over the butter mixture. Add one tablespoon of milk and mix until it just comes together. If the mixture is too dry, add another tablespoon of milk. When it has just come together, add the choc-chips. Roll into small balls and place on a lined baking tray. Cook for about 15-18 minutes or until golden brown. Simple and delicious.

On another note, this was the first time Jack managed to crack an egg without getting any shell in the cup. He was so proud of himself.

Serve them up with a glass of warm milk for a delicious morning tea.

You can download the recipe card here: Choc Chip Cookies (GF)

One thought on “In the Kitchen: Simple Choc Chip Cookies (Gluten Free)

  1. Perfect timing! I just bought two more (tiny) boxes of Lucy’s GF Chocolate Chip Cookies, which are delicious but expensive. Now I’ll just start making my own! Although I will not be using Nestle chocolate chips – I’ve been boycotting them since I found out about their horrible business practices regarding formula advertising… Not sure where this is and isn’t available, but I live in Arizona and I use the Enjoy Life brand of chocolate chips. Everything I’ve had from that company is delicious and everything they make is free of ALL major allergens. Not that anyone expects to find (for example) shellfish in their chocolate… 😀
    Thanks for the recipe! I haven’t commented before but I found you through another blogger that I follow (don’t remember which one, sorry!) and I’ve really been enjoying your posts 🙂

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