A New Digging Pit

There is something about boys and mud. Are they chemically drawn to it? Is it in their very constitution to get covered head to toe in whatever they can find and as soon as possible? Well, maybe not all boys but definitely this one!

It was time for Jack to get a new digging pit since we commandeered his last one to make our very lovely veggie patch. Our yard is surrounded by hedging trees which make a wonderful place to hide for little people. There is just enough gap between the trees and the fence for Jack to walk. If ever I can’t find him in the yard I know he is hiding in the trees somewhere. There is a gap between two trees which made the perfect spot for his new digging pit.

So after raking away the mulch and loosening the dirt, I added a few rocks which we collected from the bushland out the back, some logs, a few tree cookies, a bunch of river rocks and the all important, bucket of water. Oh and you can’t forget the construction vehicles for all those important sub-divisions that will be going on.

I have very fond memories of getting completely covered in mud playing He-man and She-ra when I was little. I hope Jack has similar memories when he is older.

5 thoughts on “A New Digging Pit

  1. What a lovely idea. Our dog has dug J and T a digging pit in our garden recently and I can find diggers, play people and various tools in it every evening. I too have fond memories of she-ra and he-man rock climbing and going to China in our back garden.

  2. Spring has just sprung here so I haven’t got the water set up yet (too cold! And anyway it’s been raining, thus filling his dump trucks) but I plan to use our camping water jug for the sandbox/mud pie area in our small backyard. It’s basically a 10-gallon box with a spigot & I’ll put it on the bottom shelf of the potting bench where he can reach it. Benefits: no drowning hazard, he loves helping himself, and he can’t spray me with the hose. Ask how many times that happened last summer…

    • How many times? 😀 ‘Jack, please keep the hose on the grass’…for the umpteenth time! hehe. The digging box sounds great considering the tiny little yard I remember you having. Did you end up chopping down that tree on the fence line?

      • The hedge is gone and replaced by a lovely fence (thanks, neighbors) and actual gates built by my dad. I miss the green — we’ll be planting a tree this summer — but being able to let him run around without a parent two steps behind lest he escape into the alley? So worth it.

        Last summer several aging trees came down in our neighborhood, including one of our lilacs out front (another digging pit!). We had some very scary windstorms in the fall with trees coming down all over the inner city, so best these ones went before that happened. I cadged stumps and tree cookies and branches for a natural playscape in the front garden. I love how it looks. Small boy likes shoveling pinecones…

        I just re-read my previous comment…the camping water jug will be for water! He’s got one of those plastic sandboxes for sand and a flower bed for mud 🙂

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