Sarah’s Place: A Montessori-inspired Bedroom

I’ve given you a little tour around our playroom and Jack’s room, now I wanted to show you inside Sarah’s room. It has changed a bit since she was a newborn; since she is continually growing and developing so too are her needs and her interests. Montessori children’s rooms really appeal to me. They are bright, beautiful and orderly. They allow the child freedom to move and explore in a safe space.

Sarah’s room has some beautiful low shelves which my husband made to my very specific specifications. I wanted the shelves to be simple and have clean lines, to have a low centre of gravity so she couldn’t tip it, long enough so it would be a feature in the room and finally the shelves shallow enough so she could easily reach each toy on the shelf. He happily obliged.

I recently made her a little library with some simple board books which she enjoys looking through. They are next to the rocking chair so are easy for me to reach before bedtime. This simple stand was just something I picked up inexpensively from a hardware store.

I got the lamp there too. Jack has one in his room too. They are LED battery-operated, so no cords and no glass bulbs. Perfect.

Sarah has a crib-sized floor bed. When she was a newborn she was in a bassinet beside our bed. When she was four months old, we moved her into a cot, then when she could crawl (about 7 months) we took down the cot and made her a floor bed. This felt right to us. We wanted to wait until we were sure that she could move independently around the room (be able to climb back into bed) before we moved her out of her cot. We also use a safety rail on the side of her mattress. I have heard people argue that in allowing them to experience the fall, their spatial awareness will develop and eventually learn to stay away from the edge. Again, we followed our heart with this one and hence have the railing.

Friends have asked me whether Sarah climbs out of bed when I put her down; she does. A couple of times I have found her asleep on the floor, sometimes she has gotten up to play and only made it half-way back into bed before falling asleep, but mostly, if Sarah gets out of bed, she takes herself back to bed again. This is what is so great about the floor-bed. The freedom to play until she is tired and then head back to bed. It also means when she wakes in the morning or after a nap, she can get up when she is ready and move about her room.

We have a stair gate across the doorway, electrical sockets plugged and blind cords out of reach so are confident she is safe in her room; far more interesting than being in her crib and crying for us to come and get her.

You may have noticed that we don’t have a change table. I prefer to change Sarah on the floor. I simply lay down a mat and she mostly (when she’s not cheekily running away from me) comes over to the mat to get changed. I like that she has some independence in this area; that she is a part of the process.

Most of Sarah’s toys are either hand-made by my mum or sourced from Etsy. I used to think that quality wooden toys were far more expensive than commercial plastic toys but as it turns out, including postage, these toys are comparable or cheaper in price and far superior in quality and appeal.  Sarah just has a few toys out at a time, too many toys are overwhelming and, I think, discourage focussed play.

My mum also made some wonderful textured squares for Sarah; some knitted ones and some silk ones. I often find them out of their basket and in her bed. I think she finds them comforting.

And my favourite thing in Sarah’s room is undoubtedly her doppelgänger. This beautiful little Waldorf doll was hand-made by my friend for Sarah’s first birthday. When Sarah is all tucked up in bed with her pink pyjamas on they look the same. Isn’t she gorgeous?

So a little peek inside Sarah’s room. She doesn’t have a mirror or care of self area yet. She is really interested in dressing at the moment so I am thinking about moving some of her clothes to where she can access them and be more involved in the dressing process.

Hope you enjoyed our little tour.

7 thoughts on “Sarah’s Place: A Montessori-inspired Bedroom

  1. Just beautiful! What a lucky girl! When I see a space as lovely and well thought out as Sarah’s I wish I could go back and create my children’s rooms again! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a great room! I am planning to make bookshelf too, I was wondering how long your shelves are? It looks just right… 🙂

    • When Sarah wakes up I’ll get the measurements for you. My husband said the important thing was to have them long and short, that way they wouldn’t tip over when she held onto them. I think he got the measurements right because they are nice and stable even on the carpet.

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