Wombat Holes

Today we thought we would go in search of some geocaches. Geocaching is so much fun. I really like the ones that are hidden in the bushland and you have to go on a bit of a hike to find the treasure. This one was by far the coolest one we have done. While the treasure eluded us the small hike down a hill to the creek was well worth it.

The banks of the creek were lined with HUGE wombat burrows. Each burrow had loose dirt at the entry so we knew the wombats were near. They were just amazing. We could easily see a couple of metres inside each one and it was more than a little unnerving to think that somewhere in there was a wombat. I love wombats, but the thought of one coming out of it’s hole while I was sticking my head in made me just a tiny bit scared.

We didn’t get to find the treasure. We found out later that the coordinates had changed because of the recent flooding. You can see how high the water came up from the debris on the tree. The geocache was supposed to be buried somewhere near the tree. But still, a really fascinating impromptu activity on our way home.

Jack was interested in the big ‘holes’ but I don’t think he really understood that a wombat lives in there. So, when we got home I went through our books and pulled out all the books on Australian animals, particularly wombats, and put them in his reading basket next to his bed. Maybe this will spark some interest and we can move on from volcanoes (we are on our third (!) box of baking soda).

I do love where we live. This place wouldn’t have been 5 minutes drive from our house. Amazing.

EDITED 30 April: Geocaching is navigating using coordinates to find a hidden treasure. You can go on the official geocaching site to find geocaches in your area. Do it. It’s heaps of fun.

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9 thoughts on “Wombat Holes

    • Hi Clueless in Ohio 😀
      We didn’t know about geocaching either until a few months ago. Basically people hide little treasure – can be anything really, a toy, something themed, something cryptic, or a task to do – along with a notebook in a weather-proof container. They then post the coordinates on geocaching.com . People go and find them and write their name in the logbook. It’s heaps of fun

  1. We love geocaching! 🙂 We have lots of wombats around home (They are often hit by cars sadly) But they are quite magical to watch at night! Very big though! Nice to find your lovely blog. I’m enjoying looking around!

    • Same here which is really sad. We haven’t seem them at night, apparently they come out quite late, around midnight. I think I would be a little spooked at first but then in complete awe. I do love wombats 😀

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