Eucalyptus Water Playdough

One of my absolute, never-fail, go to activities is play dough. Homemade playdough. If Jack is feeling a little frustrated or cranky, I always know that squeezing a freshly made batch of playdough between his fingers will calm him. Playdough focusses him; he is still.

I love the warmth of cooked playdough. It rolls so smoothly between your fingers. Add a little essential oil and it is pure sensory heaven.

Over Easter, Jack and I dyed some eggs using boiled Eucalyptus leaves. The smell that came from that pot was amazing. What great playdough that water would make; natural Eucalyptus playdough.

On our most recent trip over the back fence we collected some gum leaves for our playdough. I’m not sure how long I boiled those leaves for; until the kitchen was full of the smell of the bush. Then using the beautifully infused water, made up a batch of warm playdough.

It smells so amazing. Not like Eucalyptus oil. It smells like the bush. Add a few natural treasures and I had one happy and calm little boy. Free to explore as he wishes.


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3 thoughts on “Eucalyptus Water Playdough

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