A Picnic at the Vineyards

I really don’t care for wine. I wish I did but it all just tastes the same; awful. My husband on the other hand dreams of growing his own grapes and bottling his own wine. I do however love vineyards. I love the symmetry of the vines against the chaotic Australian bush. This weekend was the Canberra District Wine Harvest Festival and a perfectly good excuse to spend a gorgeous autumn day outside.

While Daddy and Granddad took a wine making class, the little ones and I enjoyed morning tea amongst the vines with Nanna.

We watched as cheeky chickens walked around us and followed them up the hill to find an enormous pine tree and the biggest pinecones we’d ever seen. Heaven for a little boy.

Jack collected rocks, sticks and all those wonderful things for little people.

Sarah played in the dirt and got all kinds of messy.

It was a wonderful lazy Sunday….

3 thoughts on “A Picnic at the Vineyards

  1. What about the clouds these days, my photographs are full of them. A bright blue sky with these thick fluffy dark clouds. Sarah looks really big/tall in the second to last photograph. I am envious of your pinecone stash!

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