Busy Hands: Working with Clay

Reggio Activities for Preschoolers

I just love busy hands. Whether it’s with paint or glue or scissors or in this case, clay; I just love watching little hands work.

Squeezing clay between little fingers; making prints from pumice stone collected at the beach.

Occupational therapy activities for Cerebral Palsy. Reggio Emilia activities using natural materials for preschoolersPinching and rolling, prodding and stretching.

All those little muscles busily at work. Therapy in disguise.

Oh yes, I do love busy hands.

3 thoughts on “Busy Hands: Working with Clay

  1. This looks wonderful! Does he make anything in particular or does he simply enjoy the process of playing? I love the idea of incorporating items from nature.

    • Mostly he just likes playing. It really depends on what I put out with the clay. If there is wire he’ll make sculptures. Or if there is matchsticks he usually makes a drum kit and then uses the matchsticks as drum sticks. Love my little musician 🙂

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